Thursday, August 14, 2008

S****** G*** I'** E*** S***.........

the fog leaves footprints
on the mildew steel sheets
of the android muni with 
suckling sprays
sucking the pavement into threes
past the point of eternity, away from 
the fact that your ghostly appearance
isn't even around to haunt me,
not close enough to taunt me, i stole this land
for the sole purpose of being free,
pitchfork the purpose of evil and all 
the framework done by these dealers
with their habits and all the same bad attitudes
from the wrath of these bitches you've seemed to pass through;
all the street lights crawled to,
shove my throat down your ethics
until you've reached the best of it, the only timely 
death of it
where the yearning mother prays for her daughter
in bed sheets with a tangled breeze, it's warm out today
i'd have to say
the Ruby stone standing shivering, shining past the
societal mold; 'til she's warm from the cold, 
that's my girl;
we hide in this fish bowl of complete
by the city lights from their teeter totter zone
crumbled by the tracks of their adolescent 
i was thinking about you and me----glasses and plastic
that's sort of romantic. 

there's these seeds, these rippling seeds, easy for us
to see, easy for us to be, holding on so drastically, you're
becoming pleased, save a seat for me.

based on the length of your spine,
you're a man with a plan
no cigarette in hand, clean eyes
eight arms held over stretched skin
undoubtedly where man begins
i'll see you then.
that night i tried so hard not to cry 
but when i reached success 
you went up her dress
i took as immeditate dismiss 
from the platform> this trains a leaving
boarding call for a better sailor 

there's these seeds, these rippling seeds, easy for us
to see, easy for us to be, holding on so drastically, you're
becoming pleased, leave the light on for me. 


what that burning upper hand said,
jeez, i'd like a gram said
sneaking from bed to bed said> i want to be your #1 man said
and then she said because he said 
and then the bricks built side by side keeping a clumsy form of appetite
holding onto witches night, buried in the blackest light,
from your neck i'd like to take a little bite,

i said, i said that.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

they call me slug, do you want to make love?

i want to be wrapped up in butterfly wings, dipped in the liquid that relieves heart stings, built on the things that sway suddenly, tumbling, over grown, under looked, glass eyes, truth and lies, below the belt, nothing else. 

squinting at the new hope birthed in a basement. drum beats; wild love meets

Thursday, August 7, 2008

sea lions swim in cursive

truth: my branches have grown so far past it

i am skeptical, not really, more open than closed. but this does not make me fully a skeptic, just a curious george with more to live for then the ten dollars burning bleeding holes in my leather wallet. i keep my heart on a silver string; it's gold with a black stone, so it's set in stone, it's written in blood, it hangs loose on my neck and somewhere there's a strong hand with patience that'll never allow me to forget. the guilty insecurities that drove me back and forth, swerving and swaying against the cold current of this upside down rainbow; 12 years. there's things these people will never know, never guess, what could it be? i've moved my mind over land and sea, loosing the flaky skin unbelievably. i dont so much as doubt the rules anymore, doubt the way of life anymore, i'm bigger than any bedroom. i'm more beautiful than that. 

the force of my love was strong, the sea lion lay down long. song in the air. why should singer care? when singer can be among song.

Monday, August 4, 2008

i stayed up all night writing and now my underwears all in a bunch

backwards and forwards, it's either or at the brim. sometimes i'm walking out the door, "can i get a drag of that? can someone tell me where the movement, the movement comes from? the heat off the street makes the air look ripped and oily; smiling at me coyly. you know what's up, you sly fox in an alter boys clothing; you fucking saint. 
"if not just a moment, then eternity" -a.henry


there is a person there with awkward fears
embracing the skull bones 
of kings perched on jewel carved thrones
spelling out each individual letter
of all the things in life we consider better
bolder&colder than this.
bolder&colder than this night, last year, this year;
everything they'll whisper in your ear,
everything you want to hear.
never let the passionate brain cells disappear

everything is illuminated

my throat belongs to these lungs,
these tired, charred lungs.
every incident conspired through stage talk,
quiet limbo ---in search of the the truth that binds the legs and arms to the whole of the body
what is that truth that connects these parts like glue? which side of the beach is real blue?
someday you'll feel the things you always knew.
evening brings crisp fog over the horizon, the wanderers are quick to silence in the depths of the green fields and onion bridges.
enough of this, the crowd would plead, dear me, too much insanity for one week.