Thursday, May 28, 2009

old slang

in the time before i really knew that time was even anything that could be wasted, i ate buttered sourdough bread with jam. my mother slathered the late night treat with whispers of silence to help me sleep. i was protected by feminine energy from the combustion of my conception, with lady ghosts tucking me into bed and mellow lullabies of bucha kuchen to quiet cries in the soft night. with buttered bread and jam i slept, with captured dreams i ascend tiny limbs and with fragile body i climb to ignite lots of stars. 

make out room

danced with michelle tea last night. i think that made my whole year..!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Friday, May 22, 2009

this house

this house is blowing my mind. i could lay in this bedroom for years. it's a dream.
love: wood floors, fireplaces, linzy, trail mix, comfy beds, IPA, dr. mj, enya, clothes lines, and lucinda

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

the engine driver

and i am a writer, writer of fictions
i am the heart that you call home
and i've written pages upon pages
trying to rid you from my bones
i am a writer, i am all that you have hoped on.

the decemberists

central ave.

movin on up in the world, i've got the most beautiful cherry tree outside my window, the colors of the leaves are different on the top of the leaf and underneath so when the wind blows there is a shimmer of different shades of red. it reminds me of photography and the feeling you get right before you create something. 

damn dude

i love my pops more than anything in this world. 

Monday, May 18, 2009

can i create something for you? can i create something for you that you might not want to see? you might not want to see it, but you'll force yourself to see through covered eyes, catching glimpses through the spaces between your fingers. you'll see this thing i created and you'll love it so much you can't even look at it. 


major shuffled by like he does everyday on his lap around the neighborhood. he starts at 20th and guerrero and hooks around down to 19th, comes around valencia back to 20th and up to his studio on the corner; the whole outing takes about an hour. julio and i sat on the bench outside the store as major rounded the corner onto 20th. he moved his feet so slow it took 15 minutes for him to walk 40 feet. as he passed us he gave us a thumbs up and kept shuffling. "i love that guy! he's always walking passed the shop." "walking? that's him running." 

big d in your f hole

not a sucker for chicken wings