Friday, October 9, 2009

ew for republicans on this one
yay for putting gender/orientation/identity/disability into the mix


L-piz said...

“It is just simply wrong,” Mr. Pence said, “to use a bill designed to support our troops to reverse the very freedoms for which they fight.”
what a fucker! apparently gay and disabled people dont deserve rights.

i dont get the whole part about it being attached to a military bill. do you get it?

crater face said...

i think that people are still trying to figure out ways to cover up for being uncomfortable about/around gay people when they know it's starting to become less and less acceptable to be a homophobe (generalization, i guess). and apparently, the troops in iraq fighting for the "freedom of iraqis/middle east oppression" are really over there, costing billions of dollars and lives, because they are actually fighting the war on homosexuals.