Monday, December 28, 2009

long time, no see

passion, poetry, spirits, goddess, saul williams, baby love, hug your hag, queer revolution, love, sex, poems, e.e. cummings, heart stopping, body image, cellulite, beautiful, womyn, everything, tree spirits, bates, cats, power animals, water, sunrise, spirituality, honesty, truth, blood, humans, herbalism, witches, tarot, crystals, quarts, writing, spitting, uniting, laughter, openness, kissing, love beyond words, faithfulness, lips, curves, songs, feathers, lavender, femmes, sewing, art, early morning, exercise, animals, dykes, butches, queers, sexy, identity, wholeness, breathing, tranquility, sobriety, self assuring, confidence, poems, sage francis, aesop rock, erykah, hip hop, H.D., candles, nag champa, hands, eyes, iris', tattoos, rose gardens, 16th and mission, cigarettes, the poetry i haven't found yet, francesca lia block, content, travel, home, queen of cups, sagittarius, aquarius moon, cancer rising, feeling things, ability to give and recieve, moonstone, dreams, astral travel, metaphysics, shamans, stones, typewriters, written word..

poets, hmm.
written words, hmm.
spoken words,
spoken treason,
wind like the way the
trees hum
keep your
ear drum
to the north
and to the south
keep your eyes shut,
you might speak
rhythms of tidal waves
but they swallow.

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KateSmash said...

your list made me smile. keep it comin