Thursday, July 16, 2009

scenic world by beirut amongst other things

went to the lgbt center today...the bacon lettuce tomato and gay center, yadda...probably one of the coolest places i've ever been. it reminded me of europe. half the center is super modern because it was built in 2002 or 3 (i think) and there was a petition to keep the victorian building that was on the building site, so the center is half 2002/modern architecture mixed with this gorgeous victorian building. the buildings are connected by this big rubber piece (like that accordian thing the 38 and 71 got goin on to connect two buses). there's an awesome rooftop deck that looks over the eastern part of the city. 

laundry mat inspired a new poem, thankfully. 

wow, really morocco? so beautiful, i think vieve and i might go there in the spring to stay with her family friends. kewl, i can dig. 

reminds me of this loreena mckennit song that i really like
i can't resist....i love cats almost as much as i love blogging to myself
soo harry potter and the chamber of secrets

yum yum 

this is the most beautiful picture i've ever seen. 

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