Friday, July 24, 2009

told the story tonight, and i mean the story. at least the intro to the story. stoned as hell in the bathroom mirror. cool to see myself flow like that. i don't need acid or any drug to show me how i need to feel or how i should feel experienced. i understand what i need to understand. i've felt so many crazy emotions in the past few...months..days..hours. crazy. i don't know why and i wish i could understand. i wish you would help me understand but i don't even think you understand. i think this could be lie based and i wish more than anything that it's not. i want clarity and truth. truth. that's all, i want honesty and truth. please, it's not much to ask for, but it's admiral. and i think i deserve it, i know i deserve truth. and from truth springs beauty and kindness and safety and comfort and passion. truth, my friend, truth. 

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