Friday, January 1, 2010

carpet munching: a look at what's likely to happen(for me) in 2010

january - 7 of cups - ground fantasies into reality or they will stay as daydreams. take ACTION! whatever it is i want, obtain it by doing instead of dreaming.

february - ace of wands - energy of life; power, excitment, sexual desire; enthusiasim to begin new projects, may overwhelm others.

march - 3 of cups - joy! emotional sharing, open expression of feeling, cooperation with no one in charge; women; friendship, family; give freely with love; life is good!

april - ace of pentacles - gift of reality; security, wealth, promise of success with business and creative projects; starting point in my quest for a worth while life.

may - queen of wands (reversed) - confronts adversity and suffering; tackle the problem or help others, if not, the situation may force me to want to leave.

june - king of pentacles (reversed) - set back or loss makes me question myself; will need outside achievements to justify.

july - nine of cups (reversed) - truth, loyalty, liberty; looks beyond pleasure for deeper happiness.

august - page of wands - eager, excited, ready to try new things; loyal friend or lover-no duplicity in this person.

september - the star - hope, optimisim, bright prospects, calm and confidence in the future; release and new life.

october - the chariot - strong will; deal with a difficult situation through force of personality; confidence and belief in potential solutions; my successes are admired by others.

november - ace of cups - love rules life, not power; feminine sexual energy; hand of god; emotions.

december - 2 of wands - learn to share successes with others.

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