Thursday, January 7, 2010

two poems from my new project:


now we can start a band.
we can sound like radiohead
but under a machine gun of
muffled by the underwater
purging of sound
drowned out
by our own yellow
and gold rays of
and i’d sleep on matted earth
and you’d drink sea salt
mixed in your
glass cup
printed with bouquets of ice
and i’d wear copper
on my wrist
and it would conduct
as it should.


found the cracked shell
of sapphire incrusted lantern
from peasant market in morocco,
kept it to hang from the rafters
project light on the night mummer,
i should have stayed to watch her dance
like peacock feathers wouldn’t have suffocated
the colors from the long stretched limbs
of goddesses parading,
and she was.
if i had spun her weaves
of gemini webs
she would have taken swords of fury to her breast
and i would have seen her calf muscles ache
like signs of jesus,
beneath us,
and she was.
and the broken bones
of her feet would spell out,
and i’d run quickly
after i’d found her buried
under pine branches,
caking dirt into the forest floor,
that’s what
she was.

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