Wednesday, February 3, 2010

i'm not mindfucking. i want to be honest. went about this in the most ridiculous way, but it happens and all you can do is move forward and hope that (her) feelings for (me) are strong enough to push past my own insecurities of not knowing anything at all about relationships or starting ones or what they're made up of and that the detatchment for the day tore at me and all i wanted to do was see her but all i wanted to do was give her space and have her know i want her, for her and that there are no expectations and that crushing her was so far from intended and i'm sorry and i want this and i want her and maybe it was bad timing but i don't want to associate the word "bad" with anything that has to do with her, so it's just timing, it was timing and time is moving but it feels like it has stood still with her. i don't want a label, i don't even care, i just want her hand in mine and her head on my chest. and all i can hope is that she'll call me tomorrow.

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