Sunday, September 13, 2009

all this and more

so i've always heard that cliche quote, "music saved my life" and honestly, i think i may have been the one that thought that one up, but in any case, it's so true. music is the lifeblood of all that is anything. whenever a difficult (or awesome!) situation is on the rise, there is always that song that turns up and saves the day (or adds to the beauty). I've had so many bands kick the shit out of my depressive episodes and when i hear them it reminds me of those times and how far i've come.

winter-spring last year: 

-dave matthews band: (i want to crawl into my body and be reborn whenever i hear that man's voice), most importantly: "fool to think", "grace is gone", "crash into me", "satellite", "where are you going", "space between".
-dead can dance: "rakim" (favored son, turn in the garden, shades of one, sins forgotten, favored signs to find hope in the rounds of life, favored rhymes to find hope in the sands of life--favored son, fence in your heart, saviored son, sins forgotten), all the songs on "toward the within", live and sounding so amazing, "cantara" (esp. the end!) -- bold statement: the best live album i've ever heard. 
-the decemberists: "crane wife 1 & 2" (wow, inspired me enough to write a short play), "crane wife 3"...sound of colin meloy's voice sends me straight to eastern europe crica 1938-1945
-cocorosie: "werewolf" --no words to express what that song means to me
-souls of mischief: "like when i put on souls of mischief, ’93 ‘til infinity/to take the heat off the nerves of losing my lady virginity/and we did it quietly/because her name sitting in my throat was asphyxiating/and i wish i had a coming out story that was a little more clever/so the story would always be entertaining" teheehee
-mazzy star: "into dust"
-natalie merchant: hey, girlfriend, hey. "retrospective 1995-2005" album.
-end all, be all goes to: stars; when there's nothing left to burn, you have to set yourself on fire. holy shit. "your ex lover is dead". whenever i hear that song i get the chills. i never listen to it anymore, because i "don't need to" but wowza, if any song helped me it was that one. wow dude. 

summer - fall 2009:

-BEIRUT!: yeah that's all i can say about that!
-aesop rock: "labor days" (album), "odessa", "water" (!!!), "spare a match"
-sage: oh, sage. most everything off "personal journals", "THREEWRITE" -- one of the most important songs to me, "hell of a year", "crumble", "sun vs. moon", but really--everything he's ever written, except "kill your momz". 
-magnetic fields: been there since high school, ah, love the pop songs of stephin merritt
-themselves: "it's them"
-sole: "bottle of humans", "furthermore" (anticon) 
-the adverts: "crossing the red sea with the adverts" album
-television: "marquee moon"
-broken social scene: "anthem for a 17 year old girl"
-dirty projectors: "stillness is the move"

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