Sunday, September 6, 2009

your whiskey dick leaves me helpless

I’m begging you to,

please write me a love poem

where your words aren’t clouded over by subtle line breaks

and you don’t whisper my name in vein,

like shooting poison down to guessing

and I can’t make these gravestones fit

but you know me,

I’d make them rise if you’d wake with me,

if you’d look at stars and see woven truth with me,

let the life lines of our palms spawn gentle chemistry

just write me a love poem, baby,

please include thoughts

like how you wear my heart on

your collarbone

and my words pierce your nipples like sex does

and maybe interplanetary combustion gets your engine revving,

I just want to hear you speak it

Like you know it

Like it flows through you

Like pages and pages of chicken scratch note book

Scattering like wind chimes

Reading like children’s rhymes

like when they were first writing the words of the bible

On parchment

It scratches skin so deep

jesus keeps crying

and he’s wondering why these words reflect demons

and not hymn

and why god the father wasn’t there to teach him

to throw a


or ride a


just taught him


like being lonely wasn’t enough

and I know that you know what I’m saying

But you ain’t dead yet

You got years that pool ponds of memories

That I’ve already thought of

But haven’t shared yet

And I know your religion is scattered on your left arm

So raise it to heaven

Without pleading for forgiveness

And write me a love poem

In the language of your people

In the tone of voice you sleep with

In the tone of voice that he’s everything you’d ever dreamed with

To be with

And see with

He’s got tan skin

To protect the bones you got caged in

And like I said


spent some time suffering

Begging his father to just forgive them,

They know not what they do

And I know these days you feel like him

And I see that your arms are stretched

Against plywood and you’re nailed to it

And I know you think that no one knows

What your deal with the rosary is

But I think that I get it.


I want you to just write me a love poem, angel

Starting with

“You complete me,

You’re everything I want to be”

I want to hear you spit it on dirty cement pages

Just do it

Thinking clearly

I’m nearly

Your lover in some other


Of Christ and of poetry

Where we can tie religion in like shoestrings

And I’ve strung, you to me,

So write me a love poem, baby,

And tell me what you’re feeling

Because I’m missing your words like bible study

And miracles that make you saintly

And I’m just waiting

To hear whatever type of poem you want to write, baby

I’m just waiting.

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