Wednesday, September 2, 2009

drain my brain

feature was awesome on monday!!! my first feature ever! my friends are ahhmazing, supporting me hardcore, it made me so much less nervous. lauren took pics, here are some

p.s. i made 16 bucks. ladies? do you feel me? dinner? i'm open like your legs should be
p.p.s no pix of might as well go look at someone elses blog

porn poem i think...went out like trout with a bang
can't express my love for them
such a cute angle
samul? his talent is a joke, too good to be true
i must be saying something throats

date me

1 comment:

L-piz said...

I'm glad that you included the universal sign for lesbian. And it's a shame my boots didn't get any photo time. Damn, those bitches are fiiiiiine.