Wednesday, September 9, 2009

girls girls girls

wow, if you type in "jessie's girl" by rick springfield (introduced to me circa red dodge caravan with my mom) on pandora, all the songs "related" to jessie's girl are the soundtrack to the lex...lesbians love them some 80s rock

**edit: i'm not EVEN kidding, pandora-jessie's girl-lesbians-the lex-men singing about girls in a way lesbians can relate-omg so funny and so spot on

pandora sound track so far:

-jessie's girl - rick springfield
-every little thing she does is magic - the police
-i just died in your arms tonight - cutting crew
-my best friends girl - the cars
-she drives me crazy - fine young cannibles (are you serious, this song reminds me of the fucking jim henson muppets)
-every breath you take - the police (i must get off pandora, i feel like a stalker creeping in the night, i don't need that twice in one week.)

i feel so much more gay than i did 15 minutes ago and i listened to all this music without a $2 pabst 

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