Tuesday, September 8, 2009

weird hotels

-kokopellis cave, new mexico

animalistic, caveman fantasies fufilled is a must

-caesars pocono resort, pennsylvania

-fantasy land hotel, canada 
and i thought disneyland was for creeps

notice the fine details of the carpet. oh, and the bright yellow chevy next to the bathtub

magic mountain hotel, chile

i'd be pissing all night if there was a waterfall on my roof

the five hotel, paris
imagine sexing up your lady in the middle of the universe after vodka and redbull, i might even throw up

-properller island city lodge, berlin
is that a guillotine over my bed or are you just happy to see me?
hey, i have really bad aniexty, do you have a room to provoke an attack?
i really like it when my sleeping space looks like the leftovers from a suicide bombing

i'm all about cages, obviously


1 comment:

Pooty Tang said...

That is so the lady and I being lovahs in the glass. Pop champagne WWWWoooaaahhh.